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USD/JPY Crashes Ahead Of Next Week's FOM...

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Shutterstock photo We are drawing to a close a week marked by multi-year highs for many currencies. The biggest milestone was reached by the Australian

GE,HON,SLB Post Q2 Ear...

Shutterstock photo To finish off this first busy

Jul 21, 2017

Don't Count OPEC ...

Shutterstock photo There is no doubt that OPEC

Jul 21, 2017


These Stocks Will Struggle Should Oil & G...

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Shutterstock photo While we cheer strong inventory draws in the U.S., there are still a host of bearish factors that might induce oil’s fall into

The Biggest Game-Chang...

Shutterstock photo If I had to name the

Jul 21, 2017

Cooper Tire & Rubb...

Shutterstock photo In trading on Thursday, shares of

Jul 20, 2017


3 Dividend ETFs to Keep You Invested After Reti...

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Congratulations, my friend. You’ve made it. After many years of hard work, you’ve achieved your financial independence. And now, you’d like to keep it. Fortunately,

Who Are Expedia'...

Since its founding over 20 years ago, Expedia(NASDAQ:EXPE)

Jul 23, 2017

6 Ways Social Securi...

Ever since President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the

Jul 23, 2017


ETF Focus: Less than 1% of ETFs getting half of...

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It’s no secret that investors have been moving into exchange-traded funds en masse. However, they haven’t moving into very many ETFs. According to a FactSet

ETF Investing: This ...

Things have been positive in the global equity

Jul 17, 2017

ETF Edge: Nearly hal...

This update corrects the day the iShares Russell

Jul 14, 2017