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What Trump’s win could mean for older...

Nov 16, 2016No Comments

Now that the presidential election is over, now is a good time for near-retirees and retirees to review personal financial plans and explore some practical

Before packing your bags to retire to Canad...

Nov 10, 2016No Comments

Does retiring on the cheap to a quaint rural town in Canada, tropical paradise or a bustling European or Asian city sound enticing to you?

Trump is president-elect: What do I do with...

Nov 10, 2016No Comments

Voters chose to shake up Washington and bring big change to the White House. Resist doing the same with your 401(k), analysts and fund managers

How retirement hurts living standards for b...

Nov 04, 2016No Comments

The baby boom generation — aged 52 to 70 — is going into its “Golden Years,” and some boomers would like to keep working or

For investors and retirees worried about th...

Nov 03, 2016No Comments

This election’s outcome has many people worried, including investors and retirees who fret about it’s possible effect on their investments and retirement savings. Is that

6 retirement strategies from a local pro

Nov 02, 2016No Comments

What strategies does a retirement expert employ for his personal use? I bet you could learn a thing or two from a professional who has

Live it up, retirees, on your 0.5% Social S...

Oct 12, 2016No Comments

Retirees on Social Security are likely to bank a pay raise next year for the first time since 2015 — though many won’t even notice

Commentary: Which candidate is better for y...

Oct 10, 2016No Comments

Commentary When it comes to the ability of working Americans to retire, positions and policies that both parties’ presidential nominees advocate could have a significant

Commentary: The irony in Trump’s &quo...

Oct 04, 2016No Comments

Commentary Donald Trump claims it’s his “fiduciary duty” to his business, his family and his employees to pay no more tax than what’s legally required. While

What’s the right retirement savings t...

Oct 04, 2016No Comments

A new study by NerdWallet reveals that 22 percent of pay could be the new retirement savings goal for millennials. If you add this to what