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Thanksgiving Dinner Is Getting Cheaper, As ...

Nov 17, 2016No Comments

The average cost of Thanksgiving dinner for 10 is $49.87 this year, down from last year’s $50.11. One big change: a drop in the price

Episode 574: The Buffalo Talk-Off

Nov 16, 2016No Comments

In today’s show, we visit Buffalo, New York, and get a window into a rough business: Debt collection. This is the story of one guy

Hey Students, Applying For College Aid Is E...

Nov 16, 2016No Comments

Margaret Feldman helps students (from left) Al Nagib Conteh, 17, and Devin Butler, 18, as they work through their FAFSA applications. Conteh’s father, Ahmed Conteh

Shaping Trumponomics: These Names Are Being...

Nov 15, 2016No Comments

The Treasury secretary is among the many economy-related Cabinet posts Donald Trump must fill. Jacquelyn Martin/AP hide caption toggle caption Jacquelyn Martin/AP The Treasury secretary

Who Benefits From Donald Trump’s Tax ...

Nov 13, 2016No Comments

Donald Trump leaves an elevator at Trump Tower in New York City, just prior to delivering a speech in September that outlined his plan for

After 22 Years, Is NAFTA Headed Back To The...

Nov 11, 2016No Comments

Teamsters union members in San Diego rail against the NAFTA trade deal in 2011. Gregory Bull/AP hide caption toggle caption Gregory Bull/AP Teamsters union members

New Clinton Child Tax Credit Could Help Low...

Oct 11, 2016No Comments

Enlarge this image Hillary Clinton speaks at a rally at Miami-Dade College in Miami. Andrew Harnik/AP hide caption toggle caption Andrew Harnik/AP Hillary Clinton speaks

Federal Court Rules Consumer Watchdog’...

Oct 11, 2016No Comments

Enlarge this image Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray testifies on Capitol Hill in January. J. Scott Applewhite/AP hide caption toggle caption J. Scott

Race, School Ratings And Real Estate: A ...

Oct 10, 2016No Comments

Enlarge this image LA Johnson/NPR With her infant son in a sling, Monique Black strolls through a weekend open house in the gentrified Shaw neighborhood

Episode 728: The Wells Fargo Hustle

Oct 07, 2016No Comments

Enlarge this image Justin Sullivan/AFP/Getty Images Justin Sullivan/AFP/Getty Images The third-largest bank in the country, Wells Fargo, is in big trouble. A federal investigation found