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Are We In Another George Costanza Market?

10/27/2016 Folks- In an episode of Seinfeld George Costanza decided that all his instincts were wrong and he would do everything opposite of his knee jerk actions. He got the girl, he got the job, and he got some way oversold self confidence. Pretty funny bit. There have been times when the stock market takes on this contra behavior and

Another Heinz Rally In The Offing? or Money Managers Looking To Play Ketchup?

Folks –                                                             Listen To Interview w/Ike Iossif & Two weeks ago I was resolutely bearish with what I felt a number of substantive data points supporting my stance. One of my stronger clues was the relatively dependable pattern of Option Expiration Week. Well OpEx week ended up pretty much how it behaved for the entire two weeks…kinda wimpy. It

Line In The Sand Crossed?

Folks – I want to begin this piece with the #1 premise of the letter itself. Everything I said could be wrong, the market always has the last say. If technical analysis (chart reading) worked every time, we’d all be traders. And that would be hell on overall productivity. When it does work you sure wish you paid attention. I

Dysfunctional Debate Between Bulls and Bears Too

Oct 10, 2016

10/10/2016 Folks – Last night’s Presidential Debate was…well, unique. Instead of debating policies about the economy, budgets, foreign issues, etc. the main discourse revolved around who is scummier. Pretty sad state of affairs. What is even sadder is that we the people created this train wreck whether we want to admit it or not. Although most folks would say it

Hey Columbo The VIX Is Flashing Red Again?

Folks – One of the things that attracts me to following the financial markets is the sleuthiness that often reveals key info to market direction. Tom McClellan is a very good detective and I often use his findings in my missives. Last week he saw the June futures prices on the VIX move to an extended spread from the cash

Brits Bolster Bulls Bluster?

Folks- I was having an exceptional year up until Brexit in late June. The action of the financial markets and the headlines (especially the polling #s) for the month prior to the vote seemed disconnected and random. The week of our stock market was trading well, leading me to believe our equities weren’t concerned with what was occurring across the

Warren Buffet Peers Into The Next Decade

9/28/2016 Folks – An ongoing conundrum among equity strategists for the last couple of years has been the valuation of stocks. Historically an S&P 500 PE in the high teens would be a warning signal. The Bulls counter that with interest rates so low the lofty valuations are justified. Came across some comments from Jesse Felder on this topic and