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Acuity Brands Drops On Downbeat Results; Go...

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Closing out trading on Tuesday, the Dow traded up 0.87 percent to 16,973.74 while the NASDAQ surged 1.22 percent to 4,462.14. The S&P also rose,

Markets Surge; GM June Sales Rise 1%

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Following the market opening Tuesday, the Dow traded up 0.71 percent to 16,945.92 while the NASDAQ surged 0.87 percent to 4,446.58. The S&P also rose,

#PreMarket Primer: Tuesday, July 1: Poroshe...

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Despite growing pressure from the West and at home to extend the one week ceasefire, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said on Tuesday that he is

"Ending in tears" doesn’t m...

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This is the second part of a two-part post. In part 1, I outlined the risks to the equity market (see This will end in

General Motors Issues More Recalls, Reach 2...

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With minutes remaining in the trading day for Monday, the Dow traded down 0.13 percent to 16,830.49 while the NASDAQ surged 0.31 percent to 4,411.75.

MannKind Jumps On FDA Approval; Rayonier Sh...

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Midway through trading Monday, the Dow traded down 0.08 percent to 16,837.93 while the NASDAQ surged 0.19 percent to 4,406.28. The S&P also fell, dropping

Markets Edge Higher; PPG To Acquire Comex F...

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Following the market opening Monday, the Dow traded up 0.02 percent to 16,854.35 while the NASDAQ surged 0.17 percent to 4,405.27. The S&P also rose,

#PreMarket Primer: Monday, June 30: U.S. Da...

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This week, economic data is expected to confirm once and for all that the US economy is back on solid ground after a shaky first

Dodge Economic Bullets with Greg McCoach...

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The Gold Report: When we talked last October, you warned that the endgame for the economy was inevitable, as the government is running out of

This will end in tears, but when?

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I have outlined in the past my long-term concerns over expected equity returns. Valuations are stretched (see More evidence of a low-return equity environment), but