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The Gap between the Numbers and Analysts’...

May 12, 2014No Comments

I’m always very interested to follow earnings season since it’s the perfect time to make sure that each stock I own is doing well. Quarterly

My Strategy for a Margin Account

May 07, 2014No Comments

Last Monday, I mentioned the possibility of using a margin account to invest in a TFSA account. To my knowledge, only Questrade offer TFSA margin

A Look at a New Dividend Investing Strategy

May 05, 2014No Comments

For the past four years, I’ve been thinking about investing differently with my dividend stocks. In fact, as soon as I started dividend investing, I

Best 2014 Dividend stocks Returns

May 01, 2014No Comments

Best 2014 Dividend Stock Pick Returns Beating Both Benchmarks! I started this “tradition” on my blog back in 2012. The goal is to pick 20

Do You Look Back After a Trade?

Apr 29, 2014No Comments

I rarely do this, but I was checking my portfolio the other day and wanted to second guess a few of my recent trading decisions.

Dividend Reads

Apr 25, 2014No Comments

After creating The Rock Solid Ranking last week, we have created two 500K + portfolios for our membership website; Dividend Stocks Rock. They are under

A Dive Into The Dark World of Shadow Bankin...

Apr 23, 2014No Comments

On Monday, I discussed the major bubble crisis in China. I’ve mentioned the term Shadow Banking. This new banking term caught my attention – is

Why China is about to Crash Your Portfolio ...

Apr 21, 2014No Comments

There is something going on at the other end of the planet… You know me; I’m not the guy who predicts the next market crash