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What kind of seller are you? Hidebound or V...

Mar 31, 2014No Comments

Since 1993, control of the three major elements of your customer relationships—product, information, and buying decision—has been shifting from business to customer. As you may

If you like your Internet, you may not be a...

Mar 24, 2014No Comments

The Internet, created and managed by the U.S. government from the 1960s to the 1990s, is clearly the most dramatic and successful example of technology

It’s The Age of the Customer—the rules ...

Mar 21, 2014No Comments

For 10,000 years, customers refined their search for products and services down to a couple of semi-finalist sellers based almost entirely on the classic competitive



21 Awesome Features Missing from the New iP...

Sep 10, 2012No Comments

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The (James) Bond Market

Mar 27, 2012No Comments

BOSTON (MainStreet) — For decades, audiences have thrilled to the exploits of Bond, James Bond, as the cinematic secret agent used an array of fantastic

Junk Mail Folders Can’t Contain Spam ...

Mar 26, 2012No Comments

BOSTON (MainStreet) — Looking for cheap handbags, a knockoff Rolex or Canadian Viagra? Perhaps your reputation for honesty has attracted the attention of a wealthy

Will Summer Concerts Sing the Blues?

Mar 23, 2012No Comments

BOSTON (MainStreet) — After years of subpar concert ticket sales, the music industry is hoping to sing a happy song and shake off its recessionary

‘As Seen On TV’ Rings the Till ...

Mar 22, 2012No Comments

BOSTON (TheStreet) — “As Seen On TV” is no longer just a catchphrase for the gizmos pitched on late-night commercials. It has become a thriving

Praise and Profit: How Religion Pays Off

Mar 21, 2012No Comments

BOSTON (MainStreet) — Ask the devoted and they might say that their religion is priceless. Ledger sheets might say a different story. Comparing organized religion

10 Tech Start-Ups Whose Sizzle Fizzled

Mar 20, 2012No Comments

BOSTON (MainStreet) — For every Facebook, there is a MySpace; for every Google (GOOG), there is an Ask Jeeves. Fate is fickle in the world