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Weighing The Week Ahead: More Clarity From ...

Jun 02, 2014No Comments

By Jeff Miller : Do you have an opinion about stocks or bonds or foreign exchange? If so, it is easy to find a market

7 Ways to Increase Your Credit Score Fast

Jun 01, 2014No Comments

Building a credit score is a lot like getting physically fit: It’s best accomplished over the course of years, not in weeks or days. However,

Credit Score Pop Quiz: How Much Do You Real...

Jun 01, 2014No Comments

If you’ve been checking in with the Nerds frequently, you’re probably feeling pretty good about your credit IQ. After all, we’re in the business of

The Largest 100 Companies Pay This Much in ...

Jun 01, 2014No Comments

The United States has in recent years been grappling with both its political and economic identities. Tax reform, naturally, has proved to be one of

Packing for a Summer Road Trip? Don't ...

Jun 01, 2014No Comments

After a rough winter, you’re probably eager to roll down the windows and hit the open road this summer. But while you’re packing up your

Long-Term Focus at Johnson Controls

Jun 01, 2014No Comments

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Johnson Controls ( JCI ) is arguably one of the most diversified industrial firms in its sector and even in the

6 Ways to Get Credit Card Debt Help

May 31, 2014No Comments

Where there’s need, there’s help, and that’s certainly true when it comes to credit card debt help. In fact, there are so many people and

What Is Capital Gains Tax? Can You Avoid It...

May 31, 2014No Comments

When you sell your investments for a profit, you generally have to pay capital gains tax. But what is capital gains tax, and how does

These States Get the Most and Least Help Fr...

May 31, 2014No Comments

The extent to which the average American’s tax burden would vary based on his or her state of residence represents a significant point of differentiation between state

Updated Research Report on Healthways ̵...

May 30, 2014No Comments

On May 27, we have updated our research report on Healthways Inc. ( HWAY ). We appreciate the company’s upbeat 2014 first quarter results and