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Portfolio Recovery Grinding Through A Lull

May 02, 2014No Comments

Summary Portfolio Recovery technically met revenue expectations for the quarter, but cash collections were weak. Upfront expenses tied to a larger legal collections effort and

Attunity’s Maestro Promises To Make S...

May 02, 2014No Comments

Thursday morning, Attunity (ATTU) announced Q1 revenue of $7.2 million, representing 54% growth. License revenue was $3.5 million, up 102%. One subject of much discussion

Ethics Issues At IBM: Will It Hurt Earnings...

May 02, 2014No Comments

Summary An ex-IBMer: “Glad to be gone but I wonder if my soul is intact.” Did IBM cut ethical corners to make earnings? What about

VisionChina – Chinese Bus Advertising...

May 02, 2014No Comments

Summary VisionChina hasn’t and won’t be profitable because its gross margins are so low. Advertising on buses in China is a losing business – look Is Vulnerable To Aggressive ...

May 02, 2014No Comments

Cloud companies are coming under pressure in the stock market. A round of significant price cutting for cloud services seems to be the cause.

Herbalife: SEC Now Probing Icahn, Soros, Lo...

May 02, 2014No Comments

Bill Ackman acts in a calculated, legal and precise manner – and does so with substantial voracity – when he invests. Despite claims that Mr.

Short These Merrimack MM-398 Phase III Data

May 02, 2014No Comments

MM-398 won’t be approved. It’s an “improved irinotecan” no better than irinotecan. MM-398 has extremely limited peak sales potential. The company is bleeding cash and

J.C. Penney: A Look At Gross Margin Expecta...

May 01, 2014No Comments

Summary Department stores include different items in cost of sales, so gross margin may not be entirely comparable across companies. J.C. Penney can likely reach

3 Retirement Myths That No Senior Should Be...

May 01, 2014No Comments

Planning for retirement can be compared to trying to predict the unknown. There are so many variables which affect a person’s ability to live well

4 Steps To Profit From A Financial Windfall

Apr 30, 2014No Comments

By Marcia Passos Duffy for It may seem like a problem you’d love to have: Deciding what to do with a sudden inheritance from