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The Investor Zone Team (IZT) follows a technically oriented strategy designed to pinpoint low risk entry points. The team has over 50 years of combined market intelligence. IZT believes all strategies; fundamental, quantitative, cyclical, etc. will reveal supply and demand patterns on charts.

Through the years we have discovered the market will shift personalities during different periods. For instance the period prior to the 2007-09 financial crisis most Tactical strategies generally outperformed Buy and Hold (Strategic) models. When the Fed employed its major stimulus programs in 2009 the excess liquidity moved the market higher in a grinding fashion favoring the Buy and Hold crowd.

Another dynamic regarding the markets that we observe closely is how relationships sometimes morph. For instance stocks and the price of oil have been more inversely related over the years. The year leading to the spring of 2016 saw almost a one-to-one parallel correlation. These types of shifting relationships provide tells to trends and inflection points.

IZT believes we are in a decade long period of slow to moderate growth punctuated by a recession here and there. This probably will lead to market in a trading range. Profits will be seized by succeeding corrections if not taken. Japan experienced a similar fate and is in fact still in the grip of this type of trading range going back to the early 90’s.


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